Having completed 5 weeks of physical therapy at C.A.R.E. & Rehab, I can attest to my positive experience there. All the staff members I encountered were professional and caring. I was always greeted with a smile and it seemed they were genuinely happy to see me. The various therapies I received from my back, hip, and knee were explained to my prior to being administered and they felt so comforting. I was out of the pain and discomfort I had been experiencing within a few treatments. Once I had healed, I began core strengthening  exercises that have helped me keep me balanced and pain free. Lou and Lonn were my main contacts during treatments. They are both very skilled at their jobs as well as being kind, caring people. I highly recommend C.A.R.E. & Rehab to anyone who needs PT.
Linda 6/17/15


Dear Dr.  M_____,
I wanted to let you know that I had my first evaluation today at the C.A.R.E. & Rehabilitation, with my therapist, Lou Fratto, MSPT, MTC for the physical therapy for my back you prescribed for me. I have had a lot of physical therapy in my life, but I must tell you that I had the best evaluation. by Mr. Fratto that I have ever had before. Mr Fratto took one and a half hours to evaluate my body flexibility, pain areas, my history in detail, how I walk, explaining in detail the area the therapy he will be doing for me to strengthen my back etc...


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